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7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Should know!


Prediabetes is the term given for the stage or health condition of a person when his blood sugar level is higher than what generally a healthy person is supposed to have yet it is not high enough to qualify for diabetes. As the name suggests, it is a stage preceding diabetes. This is a very crucial stage as without proper measures, diet control or exercise it can progress to Type 2 diabetes in the future. Here are 7 symptoms of prediabetes:

Getting Hungry or Thirsty Frequently

The extra sugar in the blood soaks up a large part of the body’s water content. This dehydrates the body in a short amount of time and makes the person feel thirsty more often. The food we eat is converted to glucose in the body and then to energy. In prediabetes, the body is unable to convert glucose to energy in cells. Lack of energy makes people feel hungry.

Recurring Need to Urinate

As mentioned above, the higher water intake caused by the dehydrating property of high sugar level leads to regular urination. This is the body’s way of eliminating the excess sugar from the body. The kidney flushes it out with the high intake of water.


High sugar level does not allow the body cells to absorb the glucose for conversion to energy. This lack of energy leads to tiredness of the body. Even a little physical activity can make people feel exhausted.

Blurred Eyesight

There are two reasons for this symptom. One, the excess sugar causes the lens of the eyes to bloat. Two, the sugar negatively affects the small blood vessels in and around the eyes. This blurriness can be temporary or permanent. It is important to keep sugar level in check for this reason.

Dark Patches on the Body

Acanthosis nigricans is a skin colour disorder in which there are patches of darker areas in the folds of skin. These dark areas may appear in elbows, neck, lips, armpits, groin or knuckles. This occurs due to the accumulation of insulin in the body as glucose is not properly soaked into the bloodstream. This insulin produces rapid and darker skin cells in folded areas.

Tingling or Numb Feeling in Hands or Feet

High level of sugar causes problems in the flow of blood in the body. Apart from that, there is a risk of nerve damage due it which is also known as diabetic neuropathy. It can cause numbness or a tingling feeling mostly starting from the fingers and toes.

Larger Recovery Time for Injuries

Shot of a young man visiting his physiotherapist for a rehabilitation session

Disrupted blood flow and nerve damage leads to a large time requirement for injuries to heal. This prolonged healing also increases the risk of infection.



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