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12 Tips for Interviewers on Conducting Great Interviews


12 Tips to Provide Great Interview Experience to Candidates

Interviews are tough for both interviewers and candidates.

As important as the interview is for the candidates, interviewers also need to prepare thoroughly. Gauging the experience and skills of the candidate within a short period is critical to ensure the potential hire is the right fit for the business and the organization.

A right hire can help a company grow faster, A wrong hire can have a negative impact in multiple ways to the company.

In this pressure of trying to find the right candidate, we interviewers sometimes forget we are looking for a candidate who can do the job right and start seeing faults in everyone. To be honest, who doesn’t have flaws? No one is perfect.

That makes the interview process even longer.

But don’t worry, because today, I’m about to make your life a bit easier. Here are 12 tips that will help you while taking interviews. It will make any candidate the fan of your interviewing skills and your company culture.

Instead of hiring the perfect robots, because only robots can be perfect. Let’s try to find the candidates who are passionate about the job, attitude to grow, good learners, and excited about the opportunity with your company.

We need to change how we Interview people in 2020 because our traditional ways might not work for younger generations.

Let’s start to build the interview culture, where we use this time with candidates as an opportunity to network and share experiences.

Make them feel special, they should feel so happy about the overall interview experience with your company they should become brand ambassadors for your company. 

  • Always go-through the resume before you ask HR to schedule a face-to-face interview, so your expectations are clear. If still in doubt, have a telephonic conversation with the candidate to understand their capabilities properly. 
  • Call the candidate for a face-to-face interview if you are confident they can be a useful resource for the company as time is precious for everyone.
  • It is recommended not to ask for candidates for the printed resume, take interviewing using soft copies. This will help us save the environment and also less use of office stationery. 

  • If you can’t take interviews without the hardcopy, please take a print-out of the resume if the candidate has already given you a soft copy. For us, it is only one resume. But for candidates, they might have to get multiple print-outs. Also, It would be difficult for them to print or carry resumes as most of the candidates will be coming for the interview directly from their present employer. 
  • Offer a glass of water and a cup of coffee to the candidate to make them feel better.

  • Some people can be introverts, start the interview with casual questions to make the candidate more comfortable talking to you. 
  • Always introduce the company and your role in the organization to the candidate. 
  • For scheduled interviews, always pre-book the Interviewer’s time for the meeting. Let’s not keep the candidate waiting unless it’s an emergency. 
  • When the candidate is answering, it is essential to look at him and pay attention. Checking emails/phones during an interview is annoying, can distract the candidates and conveys the message ‘you are not important.’ 
  • It’s good to show respect to the candidate even if one disagrees. In such cases, it’s good to communicate and understand their approach.

    Same destination can be reached by multiple routes and so does the problem can have multiple ways to solve.
  • As interviewers our motive should be to select the candidate & not the other way round. Some people might not have worked in particular tools or skills or industries but let’s try to see if they are coachable and quick learners because at the end of the day attitudes make all the difference.

Skills you should look for other than typical skills:

  1. Mindset and attitude.
  2. Creativity and problem solving capabilities. 
  3. Learning speed and coach-ability.
  4. Flexibility and adaptability.
  • It is best practice to communicate the result to the candidate as early as possible to not keep him waiting. 

A good interview experience provides the best candidates to you with a couple of friendly gestures. It is a fact, best candidates have multiple offers from competing companies.

So Interview is not just you trying to find the right candidate. It’s also about the candidate who is also looking for the right company. As an Interviewer. We need to motivate the right candidate to join your company too.

How is your organization rocking interviews and impressing the candidates? I would love to hear them in the comments!


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